Google is the leader in cloud data space

Google is nominated Cloud Data Base leader by Gartner

As premier partners of Google, we from Gentrop have the pleasure to share this great news: Google has been nominated Leader in the first Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud DataBase Management System (DBMS) of 2020.

This recognition is due to the incredible vision and strategy for database analysis of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). More and more, it is possible to see the increase of users from different sectors and regions choosing GCP as their favorite data platform. And one thing is certain: Google has been defining the path for a data cloud much more modern, diverse and friendly, and it is in this innovative transformation that we believe in!


The Future of Cloud Data Management

In the last few years, we could watch a great change in the data management strategies. Cloud storage technology is one of the main trends in 2021 and the Gartner Group considers that this is the future of DBMS. Check some of the consultant’s premises about the future of the segment:

  • In 2022, 75% of all databases will be implemented or migrated to a cloud platform;
  • In 2023, the preference for the cloud to data management will reduce de scenario of the supplier, while the multicloud’s growth increases the complexity to data governance and integration;
  • In 2023, the revenue from cloud DBMS will be responsible for 50% of the total revenue from the data management market.

With the prediction above, it becomes clear how this market has shown itself more and more complex. There are countless suppliers, offers and different levels of technology - the competition between market players in only increasing. That is why,  Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud DataBase Management System comes to help data and analysis leaders to make the right choices for their companies. 

With Google Cloud Platform being nominated leader in this segment, there is no doubt that Google offers a complete  and safe platform, with excellent data management tools. 


What is the Magic Quadrant?

The Magic Quadrant is an annual report realized by Gartner Group. It classifies technology companies in four main categories: the leaders, the challengers, the visionaries and the niche competitors. Every year, the company - creator and responsible for the ranking since 1979 - curates and elects the 24 most relevant in the market agents. 

But to what end? The Magic Quadrant may be used as a first step so that companies can understand technology suppliers and which one is worth the investment. In this graphic competitive positioning from Gartner, the nominees appointed as leaders are companies that create the rules in their segments, that execute well their current market vision and are well positioned for the tomorrow.




33 Reasons why Google was nominated cloud DBMS leader

Gartners points out that Google Cloud Platform offers support to many dbPaaS products (Database Platform as a Service), from product versions completely managed by outsourced suppliers to their own products - as Google Cloud SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL e SQL Server), Cloud Spanner , Cloud Bigtable, BigQuery, Dataproc, Cloud Firestore and Firebase Realtime Database.

With a wide variety of products, Google operations are geographically diversified and possesses users from every size in every sector. Recently Google has announced BigQuery Omni, a multicloud proposition that allows GCP clients to execute BigQuery in other CSPs (Cloud Solution Providers) platforms.


Check out 3 Reasons why Google was nominated cloud DBMS leader:

1. Focus on the company: in the last two years, Google has presented resources and products dbPaaS for business use. It added functionality to BigQuery and to Cloud Spanner (including more SQL support) . New pricing models and a more sturdy financial administration complete its resources developed for companies.

2. Hybrid and multicloud vision:   Google is the first cloud service provider to fulfill the promise of multicloud in hyperscale. Google has provided Anthos, a container based product that offers support to your cloud offers in a hybrid environment with local support. Anthos is also run in a multicloud environment, today being used at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Besides that, BigQuery Omni will allow BigQuery to be executed in other CSPs, starting with AWS and soon with Microsoft Azure. 

3. Friendly ecosystem with partners: nIn the last two years, Google prioritized the construction of a strong partners ecosystem. That reflects its broad partnership focus, which results in the offer of alternative analytical services and other data management products, as well as a strong service partners ecosystem that offers support and uses GCP and their dbPaaS services. This focus has also resulted in the addition of open databases products in a GCP environment completely managed (presenting Confluent, DataStax, Elastic, InfluxDB, MongoDB, Neo4j e Redis Labs) with unified bailing and support.

You may check Gartner’s full report clicking the link below.

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We from Gentrop feel honored to be partners with a leading company in cloud data management and to be able to work with a fantastic platform such as Google Cloud. We will keep innovating and always assisting our customers in their digital transformation journey.

Investing in data cloud storage is believing in a limitless work environment, it is assuring data safety and scalability gain in a simple way, it is believing that it is possible to reduce costs with a modern infrastructure and edge technology.

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