Imagem do dashboard da plataforma Datorama

Unlocking Growth: Datorama's Marketing Intelligence Solutions

How does your company deal with data intelligence?

Nowadays, there are various metrics, insights and, real time information that must be analysed to have a real extent of the impact that the channels and digital campaigns of your company are gaining. Simplifying and turning your data easily readable for your marketing team, will enable your teams to work on the analysis and measurements of your efforts’ effective results.

There are many tools on the market to manage that much intel and data, with many features, but it is not enough to access the campaign’s numbers to have clarity - it is necessary to have intelligence in this data analysis, if possible, aiming to promote optimization while the campaigns are still running.

With Datorama - Salesforce’s marketing intelligence tool - your data will be presented in a detailed and analytical way. With Datorama, your data intelligence teams can work with different displays, data sources and marketing metrics received from your digital channels. Check the benefits of this solution:

1. Monitor growth and results

Through analysis and insights from all of your email platforms, social media, advertising, sites, blog and sales, you can improve the ROI and the growth of your company, offering your marketing professionals deep and thorough analysis in all your channels. With that, you may optimize your leads, conversion and pipeline growth with unified reports and insights - replacing manual reports and increasing the analysis process for your every client, with much more agility and offering scalable and personalized solutions to add value and maximize ROI. Through integrated reports, you may optimize all your content and target audience according to each channel’s access treated individually.

2. Everything from your marketing in one place

Datomara possesses the biggest API library in the world. With that in mind, you can integrate data from the most popular platforms of research, exhibition, video, programmatic, web analysis, CRM and email, and connect all of this data with artificial intelligence - there are over 7 thousand marketing tools available on the market that can be connected to data extraction instantaneously and optimizes through data sets with experts AI.
All of your fields and metrics can be automatically mapped with a dynamic data modeling - this way you may focus on insights, instead of wasting time with data preparation.

3. Detailed and personalized Insights

With the insights translated automatically by AI, you may enjoy everything that is working properly and correct what is not working as it should be in your campaigns. You will have at hand daily recommendations to check and maintain your KPIs performance in the right way. In addition, automatic visual guides and descriptions in simple language are offered so that you can have the full understanding of every insight delivered. All that makes you spend less time analysing and more time acting - what once was hours or days of statistical analysis becomes minutes.

4. Automated reports based on ROI

One of the most important questions after the analysis is the construction of a report that is quickly understandable and readable. With Datorama, you will be able to create a dashboard with detailed KPIs, performance trends, campaign analysis, and the segment breakdown for platforms such as Google Analytics, Ads, Facebook, among others. The creation of interactive marketing reports makes the data always updated, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and allows you to monitor and enhance your every investment, performance and goal, as much in your team as in your campaigns and channels. You may still personalize your dashboards and reports for each person involved in the project, having a specific one for each area or team involved with information that only concerns a certain team.

Datorama is a wide solution for marketing teams that need to go beyond in their data initiatives. Much more than Data Studio, Power BI or automation reports, with Datorama you may create your own intelligence and handle your actions in a practical way!

Gentrop has at your disposal Salesforce experts to help your company to deepen the analysis about information and marketing data from your campaigns. Check everything we can do to help marketing teams optimize their results!