Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience how these pillars impact your company

The digital acceleration that we have had in the past few years has shown us how the market had to act in a simplified and quick way, minimizing expenses and making its work flows more agile. According to predictions from Gartner Marketing Predictions for 2021 and Beyond’s report, in 2023, 25% of all organizations will gather Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience in one single occupation. A merge that brings a lot of benefits and shows how the request for multifunctional work has increased more and more.

The importance of synergy between operations

It did not start today the expectancy of this merge. A big part of the market already understands the importance of synergy between marketing and sales strategies, two core areas for any businesses’ development - after all, they work together so their goal is reached and overcomed. But what comes to transform and aggregate even more value to this merge, is the need to think more and more in the customer experience. 

This union between Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience was already expected, but the truth is that the recent digital acceleration that we went through in 2020, brought this reality to here and now, intensifying the need to work adopting multiple roles. According to Gartner, this change brings many benefits, since its goal is to reduce duplicated efforts, standardize and centralize these three operations. 

3 attitudes that Marketing professionals must have:

According to the report, nearly 90% of the marketing leaders agree that their role is under pressure to become more adaptable. Even though 76% of these leaders say they can not maximize completely the impact of their initiatives at the same time that they are looking for efficiency. That is why, to make the merge process of these two operations easier, Gartner points out 3 attitudes that marketing professionals must have:


  1. Share their perception of the client and market with the whole organization to inform a continuous experience and reduce redundancy;

  2. Use customer’s journey maps, back to back, to identify hand-offs and friction points between roles;

  3. Identify duplicated work flows and realign these resources to share goals and results.

Which tools may help this change?

To optimize internal processes and potentialize the customer experience, it is necessary to invest in platforms that integrate your company’s marketing and sales tools, and who also help your brand to remain closer to your client. At this time it is extremely important to count on digitally optimized processes, especially regarding data collect and mining

With Marketing Cloud you are able to conduct relationship, automation and data intelligence strategies to deliver a unified message according to your customer’s whole journey. With it you can promote integration, connection and intelligence to encourage direct conversations with your clients. 

With this Salesforce’s platform, recognized as the world’s number one CRM platform, it becomes way easier to create journeys, interact in real time and communicate in a personalized and reliable way so that you hear, interpret and understand your customers real needs. Besides that, it is possible to measure your strategies’ efficiency and take measures to improve even more the relationship between the customer and your brand. 

Gentrop has at your disposal Salesforce experts to help your company in this process.  Check everything that we can do to help your marketing teams to optimize their results.

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