What are the benefits... What are the benefits of Google Meet

Understand how Google Meet may transform the way your company works today

When talking about content creation, video is something that still scares a lot of people. Even though the webinars and lives culture became more present these recent times, it can still be hard to encourage an employee or a client to use this resource. That is why Google Meet’s benefits may be fundamental for your strategy.

As we all know, video content is booming and we want to show you how to enjoy the best of Meet!

Google Meet is Google’s video conferencing app. This app is already well known and used by many personalities and influential people such as Dalai Lama and USA’s former president, Barack Obama. Companies around the world also make use of this solution.

But how is Google Meet supposed to change my company?

As a video conference tool, there are a lot of ways to use Meet in your company, either to internal use or with external contacts. Apart from being a great tool for video content strategies, the solution also reduces corporate telephone costs, displacement and outsourced streaming platforms. 

See how you can enjoy Meet:

• Improve communication with your team: connect with your employees, especially the ones who work remotely, through video at any time, from any place and with any device (cellphones, tablets, computers);

Perform consults with clients: that is an easy way to speak “face to face” with clients without the need of displacement from each part;

• Make products demonstrations: videos are a great way of showing your product’s benefits, they can be recorded and published anywhere so that the content remains available on demand for your clients;

• Support your support teams: solve client’s problems with individual or group conversations. Serve in real time or record and publish your services;

• Perform interviews: share live videos of interviews with remarkable people, job candidates and much more;

Discover that main benefits of Google Meet in your company

By considering Meet for your company, you will not only be using a versatile and safe video tool,  but will also benefit from a wide range of resources that will help you:

Guarantee quick access: any guest can access your video conference on Meet as a guest - without the need of a Google account or a special login;

Connections: Meet works through wi-fi or data (3G/4G) internet in a computer, tablet and Android and iOS devices;

•Low cost:to run Google Meet  you just need a device with a camera and microphone for a personal use. For companies, you only need a license in your organization’s domain;

• Chat on the side bar for every participants: this native chat resource is very useful to organize who will speak next and answer questions quickly;

• Automatic scheduling: using  your Google Calendar you may schedule your appointments, meetings and events with an automatic link for your video conference;

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Beyond implementation, Gentrop is expert in training and qualification of your employees, so that the tool is 100% ready to transform your services and support your company’s culture. 

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